Kaso E-500 safes

There are things you want to keep safe

Our new E-500 series safe combine contemporary Scandinavian design – simplicity, minimalism and functionality – with cutting-edge technology.

Scandinavian functionality means easy to use

In addition to great looks, we also wanted the new E-500 range of safes to be as easy to use as possible. Safes are supplied with an electronic code lock as standard. Just enter the code and open the door. To lock the door, you don’t need to touch the handle – just push the door closed and the safe is locked.

Tailormade to your requirements

Standard front panels are smoky brown pear and maple, but other options are available upon request. Should you wish to fine tune the style even further from the stock colors black or white, you can order the safe body painted any RAL color you desire. A variety of optional accessories including for example automatic watch winders and watch boxes are also available to meet your storage requirements.

Burglary classification EN 1143-1 Grade 2 or Grade 3.

Fire classification NT Fire 017 - 60 Paper.

More information about Keeps Safes: https://safeskeeps.com/