Clothes and locker cabinets

Kaso clothes cabinets and locker cabinets with painted doors

Kaso clothes and locker cabinets can be used anywhere lockable storage space is needed. They are suitable, for example, for industrial facilities, companies, shops, bureaus, hospitals, schools, gyms, sport halls, swim halls and health clubs. Kaso has manufactured clothes cabinets for over 50 years.

The versatile collection includes customized cabinets for different storage needs. In addition to the plentiful standard equipment, a comprehensive range of accessories can increase comfort. Our own design department also creates solutions for customized products.

Kaso provides the customer with a comprehensive service including design, transportation, installation and maintenance services.

Kaso clothes cabinets and locker cabinets with deposit slots

Key features

  • ISO 9001:2008 certificate
  • SFS 5340 standard
  • Awarded design
  • Designed to be used anywhere where lockable storage space is needed

All clothes and locker cabinets include

  • Hat shelf
  • Clothes rail with three movable hooks
  • Two towel hooks on the steel door
  • Ventilation
  • Padlock mechanism for users´s personal locks, or a permanent lock
  • Options and fittings

    - Wall mounting for the cabinet and the bench
    - Abloy serial lock
    - Eurolock serial lock
    - Deposit/coin-operated lock
    - Master key
    - Bench constructed from laminated board, steel or lacquered pine boards
    - Removable spacing plate
    - Ventilation duct
    - Sloping roof
    - Adjustable feet

  • Accessories

    - Mirror
    - Accessory pocket
    - Frame from a name plate
    - Key diecutting for department numbering
    - Shoe rack

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