Frequently asked questions

Guide to choosing your Kaso product


Selecting a burglary classified safe or a fire classified security cabinet

Burglary classified safes are offering protection against unauthorized break‐in attempts. Fire
classified security cabinets however are designed for fire protection. The selection of the right
type of security storage is depending on the security requirements. Available are also safes with
both fire and burglary classification.


What is the difference between tested safe and non‐tested security cabinet

Tested safes are marked with ECB‐S security labels placed on the inside of the door. The label indicates the
burglary classification level of the safe according to EN 1143‐1 standard. Non‐tested safes are not supplied
with ECB‐S labels and the break‐in security classification is not known. According to ECB‐S security
classification, also the locks used have to be classified according to EN 1300 standard.


Kaso safes are light weighted, do they provide enough protection

Modern safes are constructed using several security layers against multiple break‐in tools.
Therefore, the modern safes are lighter than traditional safes where the security barriers were
mainly based on concrete filled walls. In modern safes the comparable security classifications are
achieved with less weight. According to EN 1143‐1 the safes weighting less than 1000 kg are
recommended to be bolted to the floor or to the surrounding walls preventing the removal of the


Can I get a discount on insurance if I get a security cabinet or safe

It is advisable to inquire about this, as well as insurance terms, from your own insurance company.
Rules and recommendations may vary in different countries.


How do I get the door open if the batteries are empty

On some models, the batteries are located under the keypad, allowing batteries to be replaced
without opening the door. On other models, the keypad has a battery connector and by pressing a
new battery against the battery connector the lock will be recovering for opening. Then the
batteries can be changed to a battery compartment inside the safe.


Is the user code from the electronic lock going to be lost if the batteries are empty

The user codes and other memory records in the memory of the lock do not disappear even if the
batteries will become empty.


If I forget the personal code, can I open the safe with an emergency key

Officially tested safes with standard electronic code locks cannot be opened with a key if the user
code is forgotten. Hotel security cabinets and their locks are not tested and certified, so they
usually have an emergency key for opening.


Installation of the product

Kaso offers chargeable additional services such as product delivery, placement and installation
services through Kaso service network internationally. Request a quote for additional services
separately from [email protected]


Are batteries supplied with electronic locks supplied with the safes

Yes, the batteries are supplied with the safes. The locks are initially programmed to factory
settings with initial factory user codes. The factory codes are recommended to be changed to new
unique user codes immediately before taking the safe into use.