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Officially tested prefabricated strong rooms have replaced traditional concrete vaults in many banks, companies and institutions. Prefabricated strong rooms are also used in private panic room installations. The increase in their popularity is based on high security, consistent quality and certified burglary resistance. The strong room scope of supply can also be customised to meet individual project requirements.

Our solutions are suitable for any size of project and different protection level, from light security to demanding bank-level burglary protection. Kaso strong rooms, vaults, vault doors, strong room doors and reinforced high security room doors are tested according to European Standards for burglary and fire protection.  Kaso has over 40 years experience with over 1000 strong rooms supplied internationally.

Prefabricated strong room vault elements

Wide range of options are available for strong rooms, bank vaults and safe rooms for meeting the specific design and security requirements of the installations. Kaso prefabricated strong rooms and archive rooms are tested and certified according to European Standard EN 1143-1.

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Good to know

  • Kaso strong room advantages

    The reason for high success for Kaso prefabricated strong rooms is based on:
    • tested, comparable and certified burglary resistance
    • high, stabile and monitored quality
    • relocation possibility of the strong room
    • quality steel finishing on all sides of the elements
    • flexible dimensioning
    • possibility for reinforcing of existing security rooms
    • quick and easy installation

  • About planning service and installation

    Kaso offers through international distributor network following services to customers, engineering offices and contractors:
    • on-site estimates of
    prefabricated strong room
    installation possibilities
    • estimates of structural load
    bearing capacities
    • strong room planning assistance
    • strong room weight estimates
    • cost estimates

    The exterior measurements of Kaso prefabricated strong rooms can be entirely adjusted according to the customer and installation site requirements. The prefabricated strong room elements are delivered to the installation site where they are quickly assembled for immediate use. It is also possible to relocate a prefabricated strong room if needed. In addition, the strong room can be expanded and the vault door position can be moved.

  • Light-weight safe rooms

    Prefabricated light weight safe rooms and archive rooms are modern physical security solutions especially designed to office and public building installations. Light weight safe room panels are easily assembled by welding or bolting the elements for example if welding is not allowed. The vault doors used with safe rooms are offering the same burglary resistance as the strong room elements. The loadbearing capacities of the building floors are also better utilized leaving more storing capacity to the safe room. Prefabricated safe rooms and archive rooms are suitable for banks, companies and institutions. Prefabricated safety rooms are even popular for private panic room installations.

    Light weight safe room panels are available with break-in resistance Grade I and II according to EN 1143-1 by ECB-S. The fire protection classification of the safe room panels is 60 minutes. The fire protection level could be optionally increased with additional fire protection panels. Safe rooms can be supplied with element floors or the elements could be also installed directly on top of existing floor. Surface finishing like painting or installation of decorative panels can be finalized by local contractors enabling the integration of the safe room to the surroundings.

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