Supply terms and conditions


Prices are in euros exclusive of VAT. Applicable value added tax will be added according to a valid VAT percentage if needed. The prices include standard export packaging.

Validity of the offers

Validity of the offers is mentioned in the offers. If the validity is not specified, the offers are valid for 30 days from the date of the offer.

Delivery and delays

Order specific delivery times are always agreed separately and confirmed in separate order confirmations. The delivery period is deemed to begin when all the required information about an order has been submitted to Kaso. If the purchaser requests a change to the delivery time, the new requested delivery time need to be informed to the seller without a delay, at least two weeks before the original delivery time. Even if the purchaser refuses to receive the orders according to agreed delivery schedules, he is obliged to pay the purchase price in accordance with the agreed terms of payment. The seller is responsible for storage of products at the expense and risk of the purchaser. If the purchaser changes the order after the order is confirmed, the seller reserves the right to adjust the delivery time and price if needed.

Terms and conditions

Ex-works Kaso factory (EXW) or according to a separate agreement.

Term of payment

According to a separate agreement. Interest rates for late payments are charged according to the general interest rates for late payments.


Comments on the quality of the goods must be made in writing as soon as the error has been detected, not later than seven (7) days after the receipt of the goods. Transport damages, however should be noted immediately to the carrier and be recorded to the waybill. If the damages are not noticed upon reception, the notice about the damages needs to be made within five (5) working days after the reception to the seller. Transport damage liabilities are determined in accordance with the terms of delivery.


Returns must be always agreed in advance with the seller. Right of returns are granted only if deliveries are not in accordance with the written order confirmations. Kaso will refund 80% from the original purchase price of returned Zero-defect standard products. The purchaser is responsible for all return expenses.


Defects, damages or malfunction of mechanical parts of KASO products resulting from normal use and service are unconditionally guaranteed for a period of two years from the date of delivery. The warranty covers design, manufacturing and material defects.

The warranty for supplied locks complies with the lock manufacturers’ warranty conditions and covers only the lock components. The warranty will not cover the direct and indirect costs for replacing or repairing the defects.

The KASO two year´s warranty for material and workmanship is to be understood from despatch date exfactory. We reserve the right to have our representative to inspect any product prior to honouring any claim and may, by our sole discretion, repair or replace defective product or parts.

Any damage caused to the product during transportation or by mishandling and improper use or storage of the product, fire and burglary attacks etc. are not covered by this warranty and the warranty will not cover the direct and indirect costs for replacing or repairing the defects.

Warranty claims shall be notified to Kaso Oy directly in writing immediately when an error is detected. Kaso reserves the right to decide whether to correct the error, supply a new product or to grant a discount on the price of the product.

Warranty service is available by contacting KASO OY, Lyhtytie 2, 00750 Helsinki, Finland.


Seller reserves the title to delivered products until full payment of products, delivery as well as the optional installation is complete.

In addition to the specific terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions according to NL 01 will be complied.