Locker cabinets

Kaso locker cabinets are suitable for shops, schools and other spaces, where personal items such as laptops, mobile phones and purchases need to be safely stored for a while. Durable and good-looking, Kaso locker cabinets combine ease of use with safety and stylish design.

As an example about locker cabinets, the Kaso Laptop locker with eight lockers, features recharging for devices such as mobile phones, personal computers and cameras in individual lockers.


Locker cabinets

The frame of the Kaso lockers is made of fire-painted steel. The lockers are also available without legs, wall-mounted or with a fixed bench base. The standard widths of the drawer cabinets are 300 and 400 mm.

Doors in Kaso locker cabinets are hard to bend open or brake, since the doors are made of 1.5 mm thick steel. Other options for door-material are MDF and laminate.

Kaso acoustic door is available as a new door model. The door is well suited for schools, lobby areas, multi-purpose spaces, open-plan offices, etc. due to good sound attenuation. Kaso has commissioned a sound reflectivity test for various door options for drawer cabinets. Kaso acoustic door achieved the best A-class result.


Kaso locker cabinets with digital locking

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