Kaso clothes and locker cabinets can be used anywhere where lockable storage space is needed. They are suitable, for example, for industrial facilities, companies, shops, bureaus, hospitals, schools, gyms, sports halls, swim halls and health clubs.

Kaso has manufactured clothes and locker cabinets for over 50 years.

Durable and good-looking, Kaso clothes and locker cabinets combine ease of use with safety and stylish design.

Kaso Z-cabinets are space-saving solution for places where space doesn´t allow to use the standard-width clothes cabinets.

Model Z clothes cabinets

Kaso model Z clothing cabinets are a space-saving solution for locations where limited space prevents the installation of regular-sized cabinets. A wide selection of door materials, including steel plate and laminate, is available as well as several options for customisation.

Each user’s cabinet includes a 1285 mm high space as well as a wider 420 mm high space at either the top or bottom of the cabinet unit. The compartment width of Z-cabinets is 300/400 mm at the widest point and 150/200 mm at the narrowest point.

Z-cabinets are also available without legs, wall-mounted or with a fixed bench base. Both flat and sloping roof cabinets are available for connection to mechanical deaeration. The standard widths of Z-cabinets are 300 and 400 mm.

Kaso Z clothes cabinets with painted doors

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