Kaso fireproof filing cabinets and safes offering both fire protection and burglary resistance

PK-400 fireproof and fire resistant filing cabinets and fire safes

Fireproof and fire resistant safes and filing cabinets serve a crucial role in safeguarding the valuable documents and data media of various entities, including companies, public administrations, military and financial institutions. However, their utility extends beyond these sectors, finding applications in stores, hospitals, and even private residences where the mitigation of fire risks is paramount.

Multipurpose fireproof and fire resistant filing cabinets and fire safes

Kaso PK-400 fireproof fire safes are meticulously designed to accommodate standard A4-sized folders. Available in six different sizes, ranging from 87 to 679 liters in volume, these fire safes not only meet the rigorous “NT FIRE 017 – 120 Paper” fire classification but also boast burglary resistance certified according to the ECB-S EN 14450 S1 standard.

PK-400 fire safes

PK-400 fireproof fire safes for the secure storage of folders

In addition to the standard shelves, these fire safes come equipped with a variety of customized fittings to cater to diverse storage needs. Options include pull-out hanging file racks, drawers for organized storage, lockable inner compartments for added security, and data protection inserts designed specifically for safeguarding sensitive data media.

PK-400 fireproof and fire resistant data media safes

Data media cabinets are designed to safeguard various digital information mediums, including hard drives, magnetic tapes, diskettes, and USB materials. These mediums may contain vital data that hasn’t been migrated to cloud storage or is intended to remain offline for reasons of data confidentiality or backup.

Featuring a sealed double door construction, these safes offer unparalleled protection against fire, heat, magnetism, and water. This robust design ensures that your sensitive data remains intact and accessible, even under the most extreme circumstances.

Data media safes are equipped with a robust security locking system to prevent break-ins and unauthorized access, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of stored information.

Kaso’s PK-420 to PK-490 data media safes adhere to the stringent fire classification standard of “NT FIRE 017 – 120 Diskette” for data media. This classification signifies an impressive 120 minutes of protection at temperatures exceeding 1045 degrees Celsius, safeguarding your critical data media against the ravages of fire.

The PK-410 data media safe boasts a fire classification of 90 minutes (NT FIRE 017 – 90 Diskette), providing substantial protection for sensitive data materials.

For added security, Kaso’s data media safes are equipped with burglary protection classified as class S1, meeting the rigorous standards set by the EN 14450 standard (ECB-S). This ensures that your valuable data remains secure from unauthorized access attempts.

PK-400 data media fire safe - pull-out drawers

Data media safes are available in six different sizes with adjustable shelves or drawers

Fireproof and fire resistant filing cabinets featuring convenient drawers

Kaso’s FC series fireproof filing cabinets offer practical solutions for organizing and safeguarding hanging filing pockets and folders in the event of a fire. Available in configurations with two, three, or four drawers, these cabinets are equipped with key-operated central locking mechanisms, allowing for simultaneous opening and locking of all drawers for enhanced security.

Each drawer comes standard with adjustable hanging file frames, facilitating efficient organization and access to documents. The filing cabinets are certified with a fire protection class of 60 minutes (60 PAPER), meeting the rigorous testing standards outlined in the European NT 017 standard. This ensures that your important documents are shielded from fire damage for a substantial duration, providing peace of mind and protection for critical assets.

FC filing cabinets

The color of Kaso fireproof filling cabinets is neutral light grey RAL 7035

Half-hour explosion protection offered by Kaso PS fire protection cabinets

The robust constructions of Kaso PS series fire protection cabinets adhere to the SFS 4399 standard, ensuring compliance with stringent requirements for safeguarding against explosive materials. These versatile cabinets serve a variety of purposes, including archiving, temporary storage, or secure storage needs.

With applications spanning across diverse sectors, such as public sector storage facilities, industrial warehouses, hospitals, shop premises, and corporate environments, the PS series cabinets provide reliable protection for valuable assets and sensitive materials. Whether safeguarding against fire or the potential hazards posed by explosive materials, these cabinets offer peace of mind and security in various operational contexts.

Kaso PS-200A fireproof cabinets with 30 minutes protectionPS-160 fireproof cabinets with 30 minutes fire protection

Minimizing the risks of fire and burglary is equally crucial in private residences, where the protection of cherished possessions such as photos, important family documents, valuables, and sentimental items is paramount.

At Kaso, we understand the significance of safeguarding your documents, data media and other valuable materials. That’s why the locking mechanisms and features of our fire safety cabinets can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need enhanced security measures or customized storage configurations, we’re here to ensure that your valuables remain protected.

Catering to both corporate entities and individual homeowners worldwide, Kaso offers comprehensive solutions for fire safety and security needs. With our cabinets readily stocked in Finland, we provide prompt shipping to ensure that your safety measures can be implemented without delay.

Rest assured that with Kaso, you can trust in the reliability and efficiency of our fire safety solutions, whether for commercial or residential use.