PTK E-300 safe series are designed specially for offices for secure fire and burglaryproof storage of documents and other valuables.

Because of the stylish design as well as measures and light weight, the safes can be easily placed among other office equipment in modern office environments. The smallest of the series can even be placed under a desk.

Sliding bolts on all four sides of the door protect the contents against unauthorised access and keep the door tightly closed against fire. All safes in the series can be floor-anchored and equipped with a variety of locking options and inside fittings.

Kaso PTK -safes come in eight different sizes and have been designed to store A4 sized documents.

Burglary classification EN 1143-1 Grade 0 to Grade 4.

Fire classification NT Fire 017 - 60 Paper or EN 15659 - LFS 30 P.