Kaso E-300 series safe has been created as a result of our new basic ideas on safes; practical, easy to be used, well designed to fit into an office environment, also meeting the fire and burglary protection requirements.

The E-300-series safes have a new multi-layer security wall structure and less floor space is required. The weight is only about one third of the traditional weight of safes. The wall construction (BFP-construction®) ensures excellent burglary and fire protection.

When designing the safes, dimensions of office furniture have been considered. As the size of the safe goes up, it is only the height of the safe that increases, while its width and depth remain the same (except 308 and 309). The inner measures of the safes are in compliance with the practical A4-size of maps.

Burglary classification EN 1143-1 Grade 0 to Grade 5.

Fire classification NT Fire 017 - 60 Paper or EN 15659 - LFS 30 P.