Kaso fireproof fire safes and filing cabinets

When security is important to you, you don’t want to take any risks. As the world leading manufacturer of tested physical security solutions, our wide range of fireproof fire safes and filing cabinets keep your documents, valuables, and data safe and secure, no matter what life throws at them.

All of our fire safes and cabinets meet European standards for fire protection and burglary and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

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Fireproof safes - an overview

Fire safes and filing cabinets come in a variety of sizes and dimensions to facilitate all kinds of storage needs. These safes can be used in the home or office and placed on the desk or floor, depending on size.

The PK-40 range come in easy-to-handle sizes and can store small items as well as A4-sized files. The PK-400 safes, including data safes, are light storage solutions for offices. The PK-400 MEDIA range focuses specifically on the safety of your data, while, finally, our FC range of fireproof filing cabinets protect documents and files in an office environment.


Best fireproof safe for home use

The PK-40 fireproof fire and data safes are lightweight safes for home and office use. Modern and not so heavy, the smaller models in our range can be used at home and even placed on tables. PK-43, 44 and 45 models also have floor anchoring options.

All PK-40 models also offer:

• Reliable and easy-to-use electronic Kaso codelock

• Bolting option

• Pull-out tray

• Four key hooks on the door


Best fire safe for office use

The Kaso PK-400 range is a larger fire safe and is perfect for office use. These safes range from the 400 to the 490, in increasing size options. Given their larger size, these safes are designed for floor use. PK-400 safes come in a neutral light grey colour, and are designed with a standard A4 width in mind. This range also offers burglary protection according to European Standard EN 14450 S1 by ECB-S.

All PK-400 models also offer:

ECB-S certified Mauer keylock as standard
Available with electronic code or combination locks
Option for two locks
Standard colour light grey

As well as optional inside fittings:

Adjustable shelves
Lockable compartments
Pull-out multipurpose drawers and filing rails for single door models
Data Media Box MI-400

A fireproof floor safe

With all of our larger models, floor anchoring comes as standard, making many of them suitable for the floor. Floor anchored models include the PK-43, 44 and 45, and the PK-410, 420. 430, 440, 480, and 490 models.


Fire proof safes for data

Our PK-400 MEDIA range deals specifically with protection from fire, burglary and unauthorized access to your data. As well as standard fire and theft protection, the  PK-400 MEDIA protects your digital assets against magnetism and water. They come in a range of sizes and fittings for assorted storage needs and all safes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

All PK-400 MEDIA models also offer:

Locking mechanism and locking bolts protect the fireproof data safe door from all four sides
ECB-S certified Mauer keylock as standard
Electronic code or combination locks
Option for two locks
Floor anchoring as standard
Standard colour light grey
As well as optional inside fittings:

Adjustable shelves
Pull-out multipurpose drawers

Fire proof filing cabinets

Kaso fireproof filing cabinets are a modern way to protect your files against fire at the office. FC-range fireproof filing cabinets offer fire protection for 60 minutes for documents. This range is available in different sizes, from the two drawer FC-2 (H: 825mm x  W: 545mm x D: 653mm) to the four drawer FC-4 (H: 1500mm x W: 545mm x D: 653mm).

In addition, all FC filing cabinet models offer:

Light grey colour
Adjustable filing rail width (A4, legal, letter, foolscap and folio paper sizes)
All drawers can be locked and opened with a single lock
Various drawer sizes

All Kaso products are officially tested in the industry's leading test institutes. We use ECB-S certification for burglary classification to make sure that our products can keep our promises. These guarantees are important to us, and they ensure that the integrity of your belongings, documents and data is maintained when you choose Kaso for your fire proof safe and filing cabinet needs.

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