Security doors for homes and offices

Increased and more comprehensive break-in resistance

can be achieved with tested and classified security doors that have been especially tested against breakthrough and fire. The door appearance of Kaso Security Doors can be customized to various specifications.

Kaso Security Doors

• For private houses, apartments and offices
• Certified burglary and fire protection
• Available with popular security keylocks
• Colour and surface finishing options
• For new and renovation buildings
• Operation warranty 24 months

Federation of Finnish Financial Services has accepted Kaso Security Doors for structural burglary protection.

• Inside and outdoor installations
• Steel reinforced door and frame
• Outwards or inwards opening (“push” or “pull” )
• Right or left handed opening
• Bolting on four sides
• Integral locking system with drill protection
• Standard locking options Mottura and Abloy keylocks

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