Why a prefabricated element vault

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Kaso prefabricated strong room vaults offer significant advantages compared to traditional solutions. When vaults are required to meet certain burglary and quality standards, both the manufacturing and installation methods are crucial.

Consistency of element vaults outperforms concrete vaults

Unlike traditional concrete vaults, which are cast on-site and prone to human errors and quality inconsistencies, element vaults are manufactured in factory conditions. Kaso prefabricated element vaults are produced mechanically and automatedly. The production line also ensures high-quality steel finishing on all sides of the elements, guaranteeing consistency and burglary resistance for each element. Kaso vaults are tested and certified according to the European EN 1143-1 standard, providing up to two hours of fire protection.

Ease and flexibility of vault installation

The quality of a concrete vault depends on many variables, such as the skills of the workers and the materials used. Kaso prefabricated element vaults are delivered as ready-made elements and are always installed in the same way, reducing risks and uncertainties related to installation and burglary protection.

Prefabricated vault strong room with safe deposit lockers

Image of Kaso prefabricated element strong room vault with Kaso safe deposit lockers inside

Contractors can quickly and easily install prefabricated element vaults according to the installation instructions. The elements are welded or bolted into place, whereas concrete vaults require on-site casting, which can be challenging in tight spaces. The modular structure of element vaults allows for installation and adaptation to different spaces. Thanks to Kaso’s customized solutions, the sizing possibilities of element vaults are very flexible.

Prefabricated strong room and vault elements

Prefabricated strong room vault elements ready for transport

Lightweight prefabricated element vaults can be moved to a new location

Element vaults are lighter than concrete vaults and offer more flexibility when considering the load-bearing capacity of the installation site for making load calculations and plans. Element vaults are also long-lasting, as they can be dismantled and moved to another location. Therefore, Kaso vaults are particularly practical in situations when moving to new premises or existing spaces are renovated.

When consistency, portability, and safety standards are primary criteria, Kaso prefabricated element vaults clearly surpass concrete solutions. All Kaso element vaults are designed in Finland and manufactured either in Finland or elsewhere in Europe.

We offer on-site assessments of the installation possibilities, structural loadings, and required load-bearing capacities of element vaults.

Contact us and ask for more information about the suitability of element vaults for your vault needs!”

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