Kaso vault doors for new and renovated vaults – also customized

Kaso vault doors for new and renovated vaults - also customized

Kaso designs and manufactures safes, vaults, and other security products in Finland. Kaso’s vault doors can be installed both to concrete locally casted vaults and modular vaults made from prefabricated vault elements. Kaso’s vault customers include international banks, intelligence and defence organizations, public sector entities, businesses, and individuals – from around the world.

Customized and special-sized vault doors

“In addition to our standard-sized vault door range, our in-house team in Helsinki designs specialized vault doors, which are usually wider or taller than regular vault doors. It’s also possible to customize colour and other design aspects. Locking systems are entirely customizable according to the customer’s preferences. Whether it’s a digital or mechanical system, we ensure that it meets required classifications and is tested for burglary resistance,” says Janne Haikonen, Kaso’s Sales and Marketing Director.

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Kaso’s burglary-resistant vault doors are designed and manufactured in Finland – some of the vault doors are produced elsewhere in Europe.

“The fact that design and production are under the same roof helps us in agile product development. We actively monitor security industry trends, global product requirements, and the development of security standards, continuously enhancing our products,” adds Haikonen.

Kaso ensures the quality of vault doors regularly.

When acquiring a vault door, it’s important to consider that the vault doors are properly certified. This ensures consistent quality and the correct security level of the vault doors. In addition to burglary resistance, Kaso’s vault doors feature a fire rating of 60–120 minutes, which is a significant and valued aspect of security.

“In addition to Kaso’s own quality control, the vault doors and the manufacturing processes are tested by an external party every couple of years by respected and audited laboratories. This ensures that our products maintain both the ISO 9001 quality certification and the European ECB-S certification. These quality standards guarantee the consistency and level of burglary resistance of our vault doors,” explains Kaso’s Export Manager Jouko Posti.

In some market areas, North American UL standards are used for similar products. However, European EN standards are globally utilized and updated frequently. “We understand how to compare these regional standards, so we assist those customers who are accustomed to UL standards,” continues Posti.

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What affects the price of a vault door?

The price of a vault door mainly depends on the desired burglary class, the size of the door, and the door’s accessories. The price can even double when certain features are selected.

Factors affecting the price include, among others:

  • Size and dimensions: The size of a vault door directly affects its price. Larger doors are usually more expensive to manufacture than smaller ones.
  • Security level: The higher the security level of the door, the more expensive it usually is. For example, added fire protection or resistance to various attacks increase the price.
  • Quality and materials: High-quality materials and finishing increase the price of a vault door.
  • Additional features: If additional features are desired for the vault door, such as a special locking system, fingerprint recognition, or an alarm system, these may increase the price.
  • Certifications: Certified vault doors that meet specific security standards may be more expensive than uncertified options.
  • Manufacturer and brand: Vault doors from well-known and respected manufacturers may be more expensive than products from lesser-known manufacturers that may not have the same reputation or quality.


Kaso only performs installation if specifically requested. However, we have made installation instructions and the process itself as easy as possible, whether it involves welding or secondary casting.

The minimum order quantity for Kason vault doors is one piece, and the manufacturing and delivery time is approximately one month – depending on the customization requirements and the location of the project.

Ensure the security of your assets and information by contacting the leading manufacturer of vault doors in Europe.

More information about Kaso vault doors: https://www.kasosafes.com/our-solutions/strong-rooms-and-vault-doors/strong-room-and-vault-doors/