Kaso E-400 drop safes are manufactured according to European Standard EN 1143-1 to Grades I and II (ECB-S). Drop safes are offering adjustable and flexible deposit solutions for shops, restaurants, banks and cash service companies for multiple deposit requirements.

• Multiple size deposit packages 
• Adjustable deposit slot 
• Personnel and customer keys not required 
• Light weight and easy to install 
• Supplied with a floor anchoring hole and a bolt


Kaso deposit safes are specially designed for use in retail outlets and other places where money should be stored all the time in a tested and certified safe. Kaso deposit safes are very easy-to-use and secure for storing daily cash deposits. Kaso deposit solution can be 100 % keyless operated only with electronic control systems and can also be equipped with Kaso cinema electronic surveillance system. With this solution the security manager can keep minimum cash at the cashier’s desk and lower the risk of robberies and hold-up’s 24 hours a day. No need to give keys or opening codes of the safe to the personnel.

High-Security Day Deposit Solution

• Certified according to European Standard EN 1143-2 to grade Euro D-II 
• Specially designed against manipulation and also equipped with high security anti-fishing mechanism 
• Floor anchoring for additional security against removal of the safe 
• Limited access to content of the safe - deposit customers have no access into the safe

Burglary classification EN 1143-2 Grade 2.


Kaso Night Safes are specially designed for banks allowing their customers to deposit surplus cash into their accounts around the clock.

High Security Solution:

• Kaso Night Deposit Safes are tested according to European Standard EN 1143-2 to Grade N-IV (ECB-S) 
• Deposit Cover lock Abloy Classic 
• Floor anchoring

Easy to Install

• Armoured installation frame for easy mounting 
• Installation wall thickness up to 350 mm 
• Light weight solution by using the Kaso BFP-construction 
• Easy and fast assembly to the outside wall with stainless steel faceplate

Burglary classification EN 1143-2 Grade 4.