Take a look at Kaso’s new SDL project!

safe deposit lockers SDL for vault rooms

Kaso is very happy to share with you photos of the latest project with our safe deposit lockers.

Kaso SLK safe deposit lockers are made by order without any pre-made modules.

And a client can choose a standard size, or a custom-made solution in accordance with provided specification.

Every step of the work from a product drawing to lockers numbering is made in our factory in Finland and goes through a strict quality control before packing and shipping.

Safe deposit lockers are easy to put in place

To get this order on time to the buyer, our team came to load the products on a weekend, after a truck got stuck on a way in heavy snow (in April 😱) and could make it on time.

So, the story has a happy ending or was it just a beginning of even more productive cooperation in the future!

SLK-70 safe deposit lockers in bank vault room