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Convenient dressing lockers ensure a safe and comfortable school day, which are also a pleasure for the eye. Kaso manufactured a wide range of different types of furniture for the Jokirinne Learning Center in Kirkkonummi with colorful laminate doors. Modern e-Smart locks for furniture work with RFID technology.

In addition to the total of 1,340 students in the primary school and kindergarten, the building of the learning center serves enthusiasts of various sports in the evenings and on weekends, so the locker rooms and lockers shown in the pictures will be used extensively. The gym of the learning center implemented by SRV Rakennus Oy even makes it possible to play floorball and handball matches at the national level! In recent years, Kaso has delivered locker and locker cabinets to numerous SRV Rakennus Oy construction sites, such as the New Children’s Hospital, Jorvi Hospital, Tapiola City Center, Aalto University and Jämsänkoski School.

Clothes locker cabinets


We can also supply acoustic doors for Kaso lockers, which act as a sound-absorbing element and do not increase the fire load. Kaso acoustic doors achieved the best A-class result a in sound reflection measurement.

Our experts will be happy to tell you more about our wide range of lockers and help you choose the right storage solution for your needs.

Clothes locker cabinets

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