Safe deposit boxes and safe deposit lockers


Wide range of standard safety deposit lockers

• Two safety deposit locker models SLK-70 and SLK-90
• Three standard safe deposit box widths available in both safety deposit locker models
• Wide selection of standard safe deposit box heights
• Multiple locking options for safe deposit boxes
• Options for camera monitoring (CCTV) and safe deposit box management solutions

Flexible customer specific solutions

• Special safe deposit box and safety deposit locker column sizes
• Special colours and finishing

Quality and security

• Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 in Helsinki, Finland
• SLK-90 Safety Deposit Lockers tested by Bankers Association


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  • Description


    Two safe deposit locker models SLK-70 and SLK-90

    SLK-70 series

    • Safe deposit box door thickness 11 mm
    • Safe deposit locker height 2000 mm
    • Safe deposit locker depth 460 mm
    • Safe deposit locker width 303 mm (SLK-70), 453 mm (SLK-75), 603 mm (SLK-79)

    SLK-90 series

    • Safe deposit box door thickness 16 mm
    • Market leading security features:
    - Fixed back bolt bank
    - Spring steel hinge axle (pat.)
    - Tested by Bankers Association
    • Safe deposit locker height 2000 mm
    • Safe deposit locker depth 460 mm
    • Safe deposit locker width 303 mm (SLK-90), 453 mm (SLK-95), 603 mm (SLK-99)
    • Electronic locking: Safety deposit locker width 326 mm (SLK-90), 476 mm (SLK-95), 626 mm (SLK-99)



  • Locks and additions


    Options and fittings

    • Variety of safe deposit box locking options
    • Options for camera-monitoring (CCTV) and safe deposit locker management solutions
    • Electronic safe deposit locker management solution
    • Inner boxes for SLK-70 and SLK-90 models
    • Padlocks for inner boxes
    • Pull-out trays for SLK-70 and SLK-90 safe deposit lockers 
    • Stainless steel-plate safe deposit box doors
    • Customer-specific safe deposit lockers and column sizes
    • Customer-specific colours and finishing

    Electronic locking
    • All doors supplied with an electronic lock and a mechanical Abloy Sentry keylock
    • Operation of the lockers either by self-service mode or by traditional bank assisted opening
    • Identification with PIN, ID cards or biometric readers
    • Deposit management with audit trail

    Electronic deposit system advantages
    • All safe deposit boxes are equipped with one keylock and one electronic lock
    • Opening of the electronic lock by the bank operator or by the customer in self service system
    • Opening of the keylock by customer’s personal key
    • Proximity card, personal pin code or biometric indentification options
    • Unique biometric identification requires both the registered customer and the key for opening the safety deposit box
    • Safe deposit boxes and entrance to the safety deposit room can be operated by the bank operator or alternatively as a self service system
    • In self service system bank operators are not needed for opening the doors or opening the electronic locks of the safety deposit boxes
    • Only one customer allowed to enter the safety deposit room at once
    • Comprehensive reporting including safety deposit box renting status, useractivities and system information

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Safety deposit lockers and safety deposit boxes

Kaso offers the wide range of standard bank safety deposit lockers and safety deposit boxes with two series, SLK-70 and SLK-90, of which the latter has passed tests by the Bankers Association. Both series offer several standard safety deposit box width options and standard bank safe deposit lockers for installation to strongrooms, bank vaults and safe rooms.

Thanks to a variety of locking options, design alternatives and additional monitoring and safety deposit locker management solutions, the safe deposit locker solution can be fully customized to meet specific needs for various storage requirements.

In addition to one or two keylock operated safe deposit boxes and safe deposit lockers also safe deposit locker systems with electronic locking are available.