Safe deposit boxes and safety deposit lockers


Wide range of standard safety deposit lockers

• Two safety deposit locker models SLK-70 and SLK-90
• Three standard safe deposit box widths available in both safety deposit locker models
• Wide selection of standard safe deposit box heights
• Multiple locking options for safe deposit boxes
• Options for camera monitoring (CCTV) and safe deposit box management solutions

Flexible customer specific solutions

• Special safe deposit box and safety deposit locker column sizes
• Special colours and finishing

Quality and security

• Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 in Helsinki, Finland
• SLK-90 Safety Deposit Lockers tested by Bankers Association

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  • Description


    Two safety deposit locker models SLK-70 and SLK-90

    SLK-70 series

    • Safe deposit box door thickness 11 mm
    • Safety deposit locker height 2000 mm
    • Safety deposit locker depth 460 mm
    • Safety deposit locker width 303 mm (SLK-70), 453 mm (SLK-75), 603 mm (SLK-79)

    SLK-90 series

    • Safe deposit box door thickness 16 mm
    • Market leading security features:
    - Fixed back bolt bank
    - Spring steel hinge axle (pat.)
    - Tested by Bankers Association
    • Safety deposit locker height 2000 mm
    • Safety deposit locker depth 460 mm
    • Safety deposit locker width 303 mm (SLK-90), 453 mm (SLK-95), 603 mm (SLK-99)
    • Electronic locking: Safety deposit locker width 326 mm (SLK-90), 476 mm (SLK-95), 626 mm (SLK-99)



  • Locks and additions


    Options and fittings

    • Variety of safe deposit box locking options
    • Options for camera-monitoring (CCTV) and safe deposit locker management solutions
    • Electronic safe deposit locker management solution
    • Inner boxes for SLK-70 and SLK-90 models
    • Padlocks for inner boxes
    • Pull-out trays for SLK-70 and SLK-90 safe deposit lockers 
    • Stainless steel-plate safe deposit box doors
    • Customer-specific safety deposit lockers and column sizes
    • Customer-specific colours and finishing

    Electronic locking
    • All doors supplied with an electronic lock and a mechanical Abloy Sentry keylock
    • Operation of the lockers either by self-service mode or by traditional bank assisted opening
    • Identification with PIN, ID cards or biometric readers
    • Deposit management with audit trail

    Electronic deposit system advantages
    • All safety deposit boxes are equipped with one keylock and one electronic lock
    • Opening of the electronic lock by the bank operator or by the customer in self service system
    • Opening of the keylock by customer’s personal key
    • Proximity card, personal pin code or biometric indentification options
    • Unique biometric identification requires both the registered customer and the key for opening the safety deposit box
    • Safety deposit boxes and entrance to the safety deposit room can be operated by the bank operator or alternatively as a self service system
    • In self service system bank operators are not needed for opening the doors or opening the electronic locks of the safety deposit boxes
    • Only one customer allowed to enter the safety deposit room at once
    • Comprehensive reporting including safety deposit box renting status, useractivities and system information

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