Keeps S-90 safe


Bank class security with our visionary, aesthetically designed security concept for modern houses.

In our lives we tend to gather up items and memorabilia having both monetary  and sentimental value. That is why there is KEEPS® to conveniently protect them. It is also an effective way to complement and increase your insurance coverage by protecting the things you value the most.

With more than a century of experience in secure storage solutions, Kaso has developed a product that enables you to keep your valuables close, safe and in perfect order.

It is at your disposal 24 hours a day – also outside the business hours and even during your holidays. KEEPS® fi ts seamlessly into various home designs and in addition to its tested and certified security features, KEEPS® is also light in weight.

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Burglary classification:
EN 1143-1 Grade 3
Fire classification:
NT Fire 017 - 60 Paper
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  • Description

    KEEPS S-90

    KEEPS® has been burglary and fire tested in Europe’s leading security test facilities.

    The KEEPS® product range is also excellent for preventing unauthorised access to, for example, medicine and firearms. KEEPS® models are very user friendly. Programmable, electronic locking mechanism allows several key code alternatives and you can even have individual codes for every family member. Models with electronic locking mechanism do not even need an external power source.

    KEEPS® models are also available with a mechanical key lock.

    Key features

    • Multilayer high-security technology with award-winning design

    • Burglary tested according to European norm EN 1143-1 to grade EURO III (ECB-S)

    • Fire tested for 60 minutes

    • High gloss painted

    • Wooden door panel

    • Fully customisable interior and exterior design

    • Electronic code lock

    • Vault-grade door, body and locking mechanism




  • Locks and additions


    • Special colours and tailor-made custom interiors

    • Wide range of locking options


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