Kaso Security door stopped burglars

Some weeks ago, burglars struck the basement of the Helsinki apartment complex. However, thieves were immediately stopped by Kaso Security door. Its steel structure did not allow them to break in even with a help of crowbar. Therefore, they left the attempt on Kaso's door and moved on to the regular wooden doors, which were easier and faster to break through. The crowbar has left little traces on Kaso’s door, which are easy to repair without changing or removing a door.

Finnish Police reported on 5th of March, that a number of house burglaries has increased in 2018 comparing to last year: https://www.poliisi.fi/poliisihallitus/tiedotteet/1/0/asuntomurtajat_active_68647

Kaso Security doors look like stylish wooden doors and they are now being installed in apartment complexes with accelerating speed, because along with security qualities, they provide excellent odor and sound insulation. The brilliant door structure does not change shape with humidity jumps like a regular wooden door.

The features on Kaso's door remain without changes for many years.

Which door do you would want to secure your home?