The Key Flag® and Design from Finland® Symbols

Kaso has been granted a special right to use well-recognised The Key Flag symbol as a corporate image, which demonstrates that 75% of all our products are manufactured in Finland.

The Design from Finland® symbol is a proven evidence of exceptional Finnish design excellence. It awarded only to companies whose design plays an important role in generating the value of company’s products and services.

We pay a great attention to design and convenience of our products to make them not only secure but also more pleasant to use and more desirable by consumers.

We are confident that those symbols can also send a right message internationally about Kaso’s quality, trustworthy and unique design.

The Key Flag Symbol® is awarded for:

Clothes and locker cabinets
Safety deposit lockers
Vault doors and vaults
Maintenance and repair services


Design from Finland® is awarded for:

E-500 series safes



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