World's first T2 certified Vault Doors

Kaso is the first company who has passed certification of vault doors in EN 1143-1 Grade III with new and more powerful tools according to Euro standard T2. The certification is valid for a new VD-3L vault door and also for a new VD-3EL vault door with an integrated emergency door.

Vault door testing video

The vault doors were tested against all tools available in the new EN 1143-1 T2 tool list. Please find below a link to the video showing highlights of the testing of the new Vault Door:

Testing of new VD-3EL Vault Door

Vault door product specifications and brochures

New VD-3L Vault Door and VD-3EL Vault Door with Integrated Emergency door are also published at Please find below direct links to both Vault Doors at Kaso web-pages:

VD-3L Vault Door

VD-3EL Vault Door with Integrated Emergency Door